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Plasmotherapy, PRP therapy


the newest injection procedure, making it possible for hair to grow faster, intensively, stop alopecia, improve the hair quality and brilliance, its elasticity and density.

How the Plasmotherapy works.

The procedure is based on the patient’s blood sample taking and its special processing. During the procedure out of blood is taken the auto plasma for the injection form, entered in the hair part of the head.
The platelet auto plasma includes the high concentration of growth factors, and hormones, fats, vitamins in their natural combination.
Once the cocktail is injected, the hair follicles switch from the “falling” regime to the “growing” one.
The interrelation with plasma improves microcirculation and the cell metabolism, rows the local immunity, the pathogenic flora is decreased, the hair follicles nutrition is activated.

  • Advantages:

  • Due to the Plasmotherapy the hair will return its healthy and beautiful look. Proceeding from the nosology (disease) one can prescribe 4-8 procedures with 7-10 days interval.
  • The condition is improved on 5-6-th day.
  • When the plasmotherapy is used in trichology?

  • weak, breaking, split endings hair treatment;
  • when having seborrhea and dandruff ;
  • nidicolous, diffusive, androgen alopecia treatment;
  • in cases of hair thickness and structure deterioration.
Plasmotherapy, PRP therapy

Because the auto plasmotherapy is a universal procedure, it can be combined with other procedures. The plasmotherapy is used in combination with mesotherapy, ozonotherapy laser beams and with such cosmetic preparations as Rogaine and Eucapil.

The method has minimal counter-indications; most of them are very rare.
Today the plasmotherapy is counted the most effective, safe and unique method for improving the hair structure and thickness.