Dermato Cosmetology

diagnosis and treatment of skin, hair, nail diseases

ჩვენი მიმართულება

1. Computer diagnosis - trichoscopy - evaluation of hair condition structure and skin condition,
2. Hair Spectral Analysis - Determination of 28 microelements in the body,
3. Mesotherapy - injection of vitamins, minerals, amino acids in the area,
4. Plasma therapy - Injecting a plasma rich in its own dermatocytes in his own area,
5. Hair Phililer - Injecting a film containing seven peptides in its own area,
Physiotherapy procedures - physical factors use in therapy eg Darson, etc.
7. Laser Therapy - low level laser therapy low power laser therapy.

Cosmetic procedures

1. Facial cleaning - ultrasound,
2. Peeling-chemical,
3. Mesotherapy: Hair, skin rejuvenation, anti-cellulite, anti-cellulite,
Plashemotherapy - Injecting a plasma rich platelet,
5. Biorevitalization - Hyaluronic Acne injection,
6. Botticotherapy: mimic wrinkles, hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating),
7. Contour and lip contour plastic,
8. Microblading (permanent make-up) - Dandruff and lip tanning,
9. 3D Mozzarets

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