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17 years of successful experience

Irakli Bebiashvili, MD, PhD. CEO of hair restoration therapeutic-scientific center Hairline International. Co-founder of Hair Transplantology and Trichology Association of Georgia and of Hairline International. Member of ISHRS - International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery, the Association of Eurasian Trichologists, the Acad. Gr. Mukhadze’s Surgeon Scientific Society, Georgian Association of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery. Professional surgeon with 27 years of experience.

One of the founders of the clinic "Hairline International" is the founder of Hair Transplantation in Georgia Tamaz Tamazashvili. He is a Doctor of Medicine, professor, laureate of state prize. From 1997 till present Prof. Tamazashvili has trained all hair surgeons working in Georgia, not only in the hairline international, but in all other hair transplantation clinics. Professor Tamazashvili successfully works in a clinic "Hairline International", as well as New York's Transplantation Center.

The clinic "Hairline International" operates a special program, according to which our patients are provided free consultation with the prof. Tamaz Tamazashvili.

The hair transplantation effectiveness was experienced by professor T. Sh. Tamazashvili on himself many years ago. Then for the first time in Transcaucasia, Tbilisi , (1997) he introduced the own hair transplantation technology, founded the “Talizi” clinic (named after his two daughters – Tamara and Lizi). Further, the world results in the hair transplantation field prof. T. Sh. Tamazashvili has enriched with his own many-year clinical researches and together with the new scientists team has founded the new hair transplantation clinic “Hairline International”, which is the world leader in the field, included in the ten better hair transplantation clinics in the world.

Experienced and highly qualified doctors and nurses work there for the “Hairline International”.


In the hair transplantation clinic “Hairline International,” we use the newest methods and technologies of hair transplantation:

  • - Method of computer diagnosis of the hair follicle,allows the possibility to determine the existing extent of follicular damage before transplantation and conduct the necessary preparation of the patient before hair transplantation. This in turn prevents the conduction of any procedures without the placement of a proper diagnosis.
  • - Method of implantation of follicular tissues, or grafts, developed by Professor T. Tamazashvili in conjunction with an American company. This method also uses the technique of creating microperforations, developed by Professor T. Tamazashvili which substantially decreases the stretching of the skin after closure of the donor area. It likewise increases the viability of grafts after transplantation, and prevents the formation of rough scars, especially during transplantations of large amounts of hair (4,000 grafts and higher).
  • - Only with the help of a three-person conveyer system, developed by Professor T. Tamazashvili, did it become possible to conduct large-scale transplantation operations (4,000 grafts and higher) in a small amount of time (4-5 hours). In clinics which such a system is not used, the transplantation of a similar amount of hair takes place during 8-10 hours, which is extremely exhausting and causes the patient much discomfort.
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Professor T. Sh. Tamazashvili is the author of more than hundred scientific works, 40 inventions, 6 scientific monographs. In 1989 he was awarded the state premium for advances in the science field.

Inventions, worked out by prof. T. Sh. Tamazashvili together with the American scientists are patented and entered in the world leading clinics.

Professor T. Sh. Tamazashvili is elected member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery, member of the World Association on the Hair Correction, member of the New York Science Academy. He is a participant of more than 60 scientific conferences in different countries.

Today prof. T. Sh. Tamazashvili successfully works for the Organs and Tissues Transplantation Center in New York, USA. Concerning the transplantology advances the MTF has awarded prof. T. Sh. Tamazashvili the highest award “Golden Glove” in 2005.

Our specialists

Our doctors are highly qualified and experienced specialists

მაკო ქარდავა თმის გადანერგვა

Mako Kardava

hair transplantologist
ირაკლი ბებიაშვილი Ph Md

Irakli Bebiashvili

hair transplantologist, MD, PhD, Plastic surgeon
ლელა პატეიშვილი თმის გადანერგვა

Lela Pateishvili

hair transplantologist
ქეთი ჭუჭულაშვილი თმის გადანერგვა

Keti Chuchulashvili

hair transplantologist

Archil Shatirishvili

Plastic surgeon
ნინო ჩაკაბერია დერმატოკოსმეტოლოგი

Nino Chakaberia

dermatocosmetologist, Trichologist
დაკო სუდაძე დერმატოკოსმეტოლოგი

Dako Sudadze

dermatocosmetologist, Trichologist
მაია პაიკაძე დერმატო-კოსმეტოლოგი ტრიქოლოგი

Maia Paikidze

dermatocosmetologist, Trichologist
თამარ დაბრუნდაშვილი დერმატო-კოსმეტოლოგი ტრიქოლოგი

Tamar Dabrundashvili

dermatocosmetologist, Trichologist