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“Hairline International” is one of the best hair transplant clinics in the world. That's why many patients from different countries prefer to resolve their hair loss problem with Hairline International.

“Hairline International” is located in Tbilisi – capital of Georgia, which is 17th in the list of the safest cities in the world Georgia is a multicultural country with a majority of Christian population. It has visa free agreement with many countries.

Besides high standard of hair transplant procedure, “Hairline International” provides to the foreign patients the high level of hospitality absolutely free: Patients are always met at the airport by our representative, who takes care about the patient’s transportation from the airport to the hotel. Hotel expenses for three days are also free for patients. Before and after hair transplant procedure, patient is provided with free tours in Tbilisi. At the end of the visit, “Hairline” takes responsibility for patient’s transportation from hotel to airport.

Since you are interested in our offer and confirm it through email [email protected] , “Hairline International” provides you with an open line to get comprehensive answers to all questions you might have about your visit to our medical center.

Along with high professional level in this clinic, the price for hair transplant procedure is low:

  • Standard prices:
  • Hair transplantation using a Strip method - 1,5 $ USD for 1 graft.
  • Hair transplantation using a FUE method - 2,0 $ USD for 1 graft.
  • Non-Shave Fue (Ns-Fue) method - 2,0 $ USD for 1 graft.
  • Long Hair transplantation - (LHT) - 2,0 $ USD for 1 graft.
  • Long Hair transplantation using a FUE ((LHT-Fue) method - 3,0 $ USD for 1 graft.
  • Body Hair Transplantation – ( BHT) - 2,0 $ USD for 1 graft.
  • Beard Transplantation – (FUE) - 2,0 $ USD for 1 graft.
  • Both Eyebrows Transplantation – (FUE) - 1500 $ USD.
  • Hair Transplant in Scars – (FUE) - 2,0 $ USD for 1 graft.
  • Consultation is free.

For the foreign patients the prices include:

1. Consultation, diagnostics, hair analysis
2. Preoperational blood tests (7 tests)
3. Plasmotheraphy
4. Transfer
5. Tours in Tbilisi

The modern technologies used for hair transplant procedure allows for an active event the next day after the procedure and be involved in a special program providing sight seeing in different historical parts of the capital of Georgia - Tbilisi. You will be really surprised with Georgian hospitality.

Useful information for the patients intending for a hair transplant procedure in the clinic “Hairline International”:

  • Hair transplantation is an ambulatory procedure and lasts 2-5 hours.
  • The procedure will be conducted using the special method local anesthesia allowing to avoid pain and facial edema.
  • Patients are physically active starting from the next day after procedure.
  • Slits for follicular implantation are formed using microperforants, which allow to achieve maximal density of transplanted hairs.
  • For implantation the special atraumatic forceps are used providing maximal safety to the transplanted grafts.
  • Survival of transplanted grafts is 98%-100%.
  • Possible transplantation up to 5,000 grafts during one session.
  • Patients have control over the quantity of transplanted grafts.
  • Scarless technique is used for donor site.
  • Three transplant surgeons and 10 nurses are participating in each mega transplant procedure.
  • Transplanted hair in our clinic never shed.
  • You have a chance to communicate with other patients who already had hair transplant procedure performed in Hairline International.

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