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FUE or Strip Method?

The characteristic of the FUE method is that it enables us to harvest the hair follicular units (grafts) without incision, using special equipment, under the optical loupe. The author of the method named this process as ‘’ Follicular Unit Extraction’’. The method was designed for the restoration of a few hair (eyebrow, mustache, hair transplantation on small scars and early stage of the alopecia). During the last years, with the advancement of technology and appearance of the new tools it became possible to perform FUE method in the cases of high degree alopecia as well.

During the Strip method grafts are harvested from donor area that is taken from back of the head, by the experienced physician under the stereoscopic microscope (12-20 time magnification), this in return significantly reduces the chances of follicular damage. During the FUE method, grafts are harvested from the donor area without any incision, with the equipment of (0,6 – 0,9 diameter rotating cylinder) or is taken by the assistant after making the cylindrical cut around the graft. In these circumstances the chances of damaging curly hair is higher. Hypothesis: To choose FUE method over a Strip method only because the former doesn’t leave a scar on a back of the head can be controversial. If during the Strip method the surgeon considers conditions of the healing, precisely determines the measurements of the cut, performs donor area plastic stitches with high professionalism, then the scar is very mild which is hardly visible even when having a short hair.

Important to Know! Nowadays across the world there are only two methods for follicular unit micro transplantation: Strip and FUE. Both of them are widely used and recognized. Since both of them have advantages, disadvantages and characteristics they should not be discussed in opposition to each other. Moreover, during the high degree alopecia with the combination of these methods it is possible to harvest 30% - 35% more grafts than only in case of using only Strip or FUE method. This in return enables us to transplant hair with more density and reduce the number of surgical interventions.

# Strip Fue
1 When having an efficient donor area with high hair density within one procedure it is possible to harvest high quantity of graft (more than 5000 and 11500 follicular units) transplantation, which often is enough to achieve satisfactory cosmetic results. Within a single procedure it is possible to harvest 4000 grafts (9200 follicular units). However, this coverage is possible in one of the leading clinics in the world, including in ‘’Hairline International’’. In case of high degree alopecia to achieve satisfactory cosmetic results it may be necessary to perform repeated transplantation.
2 It’s not necessary to shave back of the head. The strip is hidden under the hair and is not visible even after the procedure. It is necessary to shave the whole head. During 1000-1500 graft transplantation the small strip on the back of the head is shaved, which can be covered by hair too.
3 Short rehabilitation period, already on a second day of operation it’s possible to return to a daily life and work. Rehabilitation period lasts for about 5 to 7 days, until healing takes place and small incisions in the donor area are covered by hair.
4 Post operational period is not characterized by bruising and swallowing. Post operational period is not characterized by bruising and swallowing.
5 The duration of the surgery is around 2 to 5 hours and depends on the quantity of grafts transplanted. The duration of the surgery is about 2 to 7 hours (depending on the amount of grafts), patient can undertake breaks during the operation.
6 The preparation of grafts is performed from the strip taken from a donor area by an experienced physician, using stereomicroscope which itself reduces the chances of a follicular unit damage. Grafts are harvested without any incision using equipment (0,6 – 0,9 mm diameter rotating cylinder) or they are taken out by the forceps after making cylindrical incision around the follicle. The chances of a graft damage increases in the case of a curly hair.
7 After operation not necessary to apply cast After operation cast is applied for one day
8 The cost of the operation is not high The cost of the operation compared to Strip method is higher
9 The cosmetic stitch is applied on a back of the head The stitch is not applied
10 A thin line of scar will remain, however it is hardly visible even when having a short haircut. The scar doesn’t remain.
11 For the donor area only back of the head and temples are used. The method enables us to harvest hair from different parts: beard, chest, back and etc. It is possible to combine it with the Strip method during the mega sessions (When transplanting 5000 and more grafts in a single procedure). This method enables us to harvest grafts from above and below of the strip and as such provides enough number of graft transplantation even when the degree of alopecia is very high.

FUE method is different from a Strip method only with the harvesting technology. All other stages are performed likewise. During both methods grafts of 1 to 3 units are transplanted. Therefore, despite the method after the transplantation cosmetical results are absolutely natural.