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The Strip Method of Hair Autotransplantation

The Strip Method of Hair Autotransplantation is the classical method of hair transplantation. In this case, the area of ​​the skin is removed from the skin zones containing the hair follicles, and the further processing and division of the follicular to the grafting and then into the reciprocity area. Graft is a transplant that contains 1 to 3 follicles. There are rarely 4 groceries containing grafts.

The "Strip" method is transplanted into 3 stages.

1. Finding Donor Material:

The donor zone is made up of the procedure. The hair is cut so that the donor material is easy to remove (only the zip is removed). After extracting the material, the cosmetic stitches are covered with the hair and are not visible immediately after the operation. We use a miniature of donor zone plastic, which is formed by a fine, linear scar, which will be almost completely absorbed in a few months from the operation and is formed by a gentle scar, which is not noticeable even during a short hairstyle. This method of closure of the wound is called "trichofic closure". Grafts processing is carried out under stereoscopic microscopes with a magnitude of 10-20 times that significantly increases the quality of grafts and reduces the likelihood of collapse of follicular, which is directly proportionate to the outcome of the procedure.

2. Formation of microwaves in the recipient area.

Microsurgery britons and injection needles are used for the formation of microtrips, which form the ideal linear area with a length of 0,8-1,1 mm, without its skin dilution. Their use allows us to achieve the maximum frequency of transplanted hair, which in turn gives the best cosmetic results. It is necessary to plan the position of the grafts in advance to create the desired frequency of the hair.

3. Micrograph implantation (transplantation) in the zonal zones.

Attrmal method of hair follicular unions - graft transplantation is developed by Prof. H Tamazashvili with American company "Robbins Instrumets". It significantly simplifies the hair transplant procedure and excludes hair roots - folks damage.