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hair loss in men

Hair Transplantation in Men

Hair loss causes unpleasant experiences in men. Studies have shown that the opinion about the person is influenced by his appearance. Therefore, confidence that is associated with the good appearance is important.

At first, hair loss is less noticeable, there is a small scrub that can be covered by changing the hairstyle. But when the hair loss is progressing and the sooner boldness appears, self-esteem starts to decrease.

Before we start talking about transplantation, consider what is the cause of hair loss in men.

Hair grows from hair follicle (from the bottom) and is constantly functioning for 3-6 years.

By the influence of Androgen their cycle of growth changes, respectively, gradually decreasing their quality (they become more thin and fragile) and quantity.

The modern methods of hair transplantation allow us to transplant hair with higher density and the effect is more natural.

Hair restoration in men is possible after the androgenic, scar alopecia. Based on our many years of experience, we say: The best and most sustainable results is achieved when together with the transplanted hair we take care of the already existed hair.

After hair transplantation you will see a new person in the mirror, youthful, free from any restrictions and full of self-confidence.

Hair restoration increases confidence in men and often leads to a new stage of life for them. Until now, hair transplantation has never been so efficient and available.