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Long Hair Transplantation

Long hair transplantation is one of the important steps in the evolution of hair restoration surgery. This method is unique in its ability to reduce post-operation rehabilitation period and grants patient number of positive experiences. The first series of publication on long hair transplantation appeared in 2004 by the Brazilian surgeon and authorMarcelo Pitchon.    Despite the fact, that long hair follicular unit transplantation is a very interesting and progressive branch, nowadays there are only few clinics that are able to perform it. This method requires specific equipment, intensive experience and high professionalism of the doctors and physicians.

‘’Hairline International’’ has years of successful experience in long hair transplantation.

Long hair transplantation is possible with Strip or FUE methods. Hair is transplanted according to the length of the donor hair.

Advantages of the long hair transplantation:

1. Right after the operation patient can see the final result, there is a high visibility of the density and direction of the transplanted hair. 2. As the result of the long hair transplantation small red dots that are visible for the first week of the post-operational period can be completely covered. This makes post-operational period more comfortable and patient can return to the usual life style right away.

However, noteworthy, after the long hair transplantation the first effect is temporary and lasts for 2-3 weeks. After this the hair slowly falls down and starts to regrow after 2-3 months, as in case of short hair transplantation. The patient can see the notable cosmetic results 6 months after the transplantation and final results will be achieved after 12 months, when the density and volume of the transplanted hair is highly visible. Transplanted hair sustains all the characteristics, such as: color, growth, doesn’t require special care and doesn’t fall down.

Long Hair transplantation with FUE method

‘’Hairline International’’ is the only clinic in South Caucasus where long hair transplantation is successfully performed. This method requires not only expensive technologies, but also considerable experience of a stuff members.

The advantages of this method, compared to others are as follows:

1. The hair doesn’t require shaving and cutting

2. The patient can see the results right after the operation, including hair density and direction

3. The image of the patient doesn’t change

4. The red spots which appear after the operation are completely covered by hair

5. There is no need for stitches, therefore the scar doesn’t appear

6. During harvesting it is possible to harvest multiunit hair grafts which provide higher density in the transplanted area

7. It is possible to determine the exact quantity

8. It is possible to harvest even when there is no high elasticity of the skin

9. There is a possibility to transplant hair stage by stage (based on mini transplantation sessions)

However, as every transplanted hair, hair falls down after 2-3 weeks and begins to grow again. During this time the skin regains initial condition and there is no esthetic discomfort for the patient.