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Hair transplantation in women

Because in 90-92% of men hair transplantation is successful, the ladies also thought about referring to this procedure in case of reducing number of hair. However, the situation is different in this case.

Hair loss in women is often a diffuse character. At this time the hair is sparse on the scalp evenly and the transplantation is not a solution. Hair reconstruction is recommended by a non-surgical method (consultation of trichologist-dermatologist, mesotherapy, plasma therapy).

During the androgenic alopecia DHT (dihydrotestosterone) is damaging donor and whole scalp area, therefore the chances of losing transplanted hair is higher.

When is it appropriate to do hair transplantation in women?

Hair transplantation is effective during androgenic alopecia of small scale, i.e when a large amount of hair is not lost and the donor zone is not damaged.

During tractive alopecia ___ Hair tightening, tight hairstyle can cause hairless spots, in these cases hair transplantation is extremely effective.

Hair transplantation is very effective for restoration of bolded parts of the scalp from trauma (thermal, thermal or chemical burns).

To fill the stratospheric scarring resulting from plastic operations on their hair.

Frontal line correction (very high, rectangular or non-semi-fiary frontal line)