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hair transplantation

What is hair transplantation?

The transplantation of one’s own hair, or hair transplantation, involves the relocation of follicles to bald and sparse areas of the head from those donor areas (the back and side areas of the head) where they exist in large numbers. Follicles located in the donor areas don’t have androgen-sensitive receptors, and are therefore resistant to factors that cause baldness and retain their normal anatomically-physiological properties until the end of a person’s life.

This has been scientifically proven.

Follicles transplanted from donor areas continue to function in a normal manner, producing normal, healthy hair. It is specifically this phenomenon that lies at the base of hair transplantation.

At “Hairline International,” hair transplantation is an ambulatory procedure, the length of which depends on the magnitude of transplantation and lasts on average from 3-5 hours. All processes take place under local anesthesia, absolutely painlessly and without side-effects. This is done at a flexible pace suitable to the patient – he sits in a comfortable chair, can watch television, listen to music, talk on the phone, etc.

In our clinic, we use the newest non-traumatic American technologies in hair transplantation, which allows us to achieve the best results and prevents the formation of scars in the donor and recipient areas of the head, in turn significantly improving the aesthetic appearance after transplantation. It should be noted that until recently, and even today, in many clinics hair transplantation is done by the so-called “large graft” method (graft-transplantant, consisting of follicular conjunctions). Large sections of skin measuring 4 mm or greater are taken from the back areas of the head, which are then implanted into the bald areas of the head. Hair transplanted to new areas by this method grows in a bush-like pattern (a “toothbrush” effect, similar to doll hair).

In our clinic, after donor tissue is obtained from the back of the head, it is segmented into small transplants under powerful magnification
(less than 1 mm in diameter), into so-called monografts containing one hair follicle and micrografts, containing 2-3 follicles.

Two to three months after transplantation, true to the physiology of hair, the follicles produce new and healthy hair, which is undistinguishable from other hair on the person’s head. After six months, problems connected with alopecia are completely forgotten.

Out clinic uses a modernized method of hair transplantation which allows the acquisition of necessary mono- and micrografts from donor areas for transplantation to recipient areas without any cuts, stitches, or scars.