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Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery is one of the most popular and progressive branch in the modern medicine. It has history of more than 3000 years. The number of patients increases from year to year. The range is quite large and includes several main directions: -Rhinoplasty -Breast Surgery Correction -Baddomoplasty (abdominal plastic) -Lipospiration (liposuction) -Face-lift -Blepharoplasty -Otoplasty


Nose surgery

There are aesthetic and functional Rhinoplasty. An aesthetic rhinoplasty implies shaping of nasal bone-cartridge and soft tissue. The result is to adjust the shape and size of the nose and its harmony to the face. At the same time to this procedure or independently from it can be performed functional rhinoplasty to restore respiratory respiration (septoplasty, turbinectomy, polytechnomy, adenoidectomy).

There are two methods of aesthetic rhinoplasty - open and closed. The open method enables surgeon more visualization, resulting in a more accurate and stable result. Rhinoplasty is one of the most difficult and responsible surgeries in aesthetic medicine, since it is one of the most visible parts of the nose and its defects can not be hidden. We can affirmatively say that rhinoplasty is the most common aesthetic surgery in Georgia, which has resulted in great experience in rhinoplasty for Georgian plastic surgeons. When planning the surgery individual approach to each patient is essential, because standard nose and face proportions do not exist. In each particular case, the form of nose is achieved in relation to face. It is known that according to the shape of the nose is possible to determine patient’s character, so in the course of the operation, the patient is also characterized. The purpose of the operation is not just to make a beautiful nose, but to create a harmonious nose with the patient's face. At the same time, the operation should be performed so that the nose will look naturally and not operated.



Breast Surgery Correction

Operational interference with aesthetic function on the breast serves two main purposes: 1. Improve breast shape; 2. Breast size change (increase or decrease)

Both of these can be achieved simultaneously

- Shape correction

The most common operation is mastopexy - folded (folded) breast correction. There are three stages of breast ptosis, depending on how much the dvril-aerol complex (bite) is left with the rib cage relation. ? The mastopexy is a breast ptosis case of the latter, or when the breast size meets the patient. The operation implies the following stages: 1. Reversing and decreasing the size when the latter is required; 2. Excess skin removal. At this time the mammary glands tissue remains intact and the form is modeled on the "stretching" of the skin and subcutaneous tissue, which is illustrated to the patient in the following way: "Imagine a flat, wide pillow is placed in a smaller pillow case."

- Change of the size (volume)

Breast size reduction (redundant mammoplasty) techniques are similar to the principle of classical mammoplasty. Additionally the parts of mammary glands are removed. Increasing the size of the breast (augmented mammoplasty) is achieved through synthetic implants (silicone) or transplants (body tissue fragments). The latter is mainly used in reconstructive surgery when implants are not used because of skin deficiency

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abdominal plastic

As a result of one or more of a number of child birth; or significant weight loss in the weight of the abdomen - deformation of the fatty segment of the skin. As a rule, a significant deterioration of the quality of the skin - loss of elasticity - and plural strings.

In some cases the "apron" mass reaches several dozen kilograms; In addition, the problems associated with the spine and the general backbone of the system. Limited capacity of movement and fall in quality of life. Thus, the surgical removal of the above mentioned ‘’apron’’ is not only an aesthetic but also functional.

Abdominoplasty is sorted according to the scale of the interference - the classical full (with the transfer of umbilical cord) - in the case of the sharp expression of the apron and the mini abdominoplasty (without the umbilical cord) - in the case of relatively little "apron". The patient returns the normal rhythm of life after 4-6 weeks. It is necessary to wear an elastic corset for 1.5-2 months.



Lipospiration (liposuction)

Pump out of the content of fatty pockets.

In case of improper nutrition and (or) hormonal imbalance, excess calories will be converted into fats and are stored under the skin in concrete regions - so fatty Pubs – Traps are formed. Their removal is practically impossible through conservative (non-operational) way and full liquidation is only achieved by mechanical aspiration of the content. There are several methods of liposuction.

- mechanical-vacuum, ultrasound, laser, etc. The principle of action is the same - the transformation of the fatty tissue and pump out of the fatty mass. In some cases the volume of the mass may exceed 5-6 liters. However, it is noteworthy that liposuction is not a method for weight loss and only serves to improve body shape-contours. The duration of the operation is 0.5 to 3 hours depending on the scale. Rehabilitation period is short and easy; The patient returns the normal rhythm of life after 2-3 weeks. It is necessary to keep the compressive linen permanently for 1.5-2 months.

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plastic elevation of face soft tissues

As the age increases, the quality of the skin deteriorates - dryness, elasticity decreases, multiple wrinkles appear. Subcutaneous connective tissue throbbing; The muscles begin atrophy.

As a result, the entire complex of soft tissues will be reduced to volume, stretching and migrating down to the bottom of the chin. Develops ptosis. The only way to thoroughly correct the condition is surgical adjustment.

Face-lift can be full or segmental - the upper third of the face (forehead, eyebrows); In the middle of the third (around the parabolic eyes, the cheeks); Lower third of the face (nasal lip, cheeks, throat, neck); It can also be superficial and only include skin and subcutaneous fatty plastic and deep-muscular apneaurozic layer (SMAS) for plasma-dissection


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eyelids plastic surgery

can be considered as an independent operation or one of the face-lift phases. As a result of age changes of soft tissues (see Facelift), the eyelids develop the folded skin, which in some cases may cause even worsening vision. Most of the condition is complicated by parabolic fatty hernia. The operation is the only way to correct this issue thoroughly. The post operational period is not difficult; The patient will return the normal rhythm of life for 2-3 weeks.


ear shell plastics

is one of the simplest manipulations in plastic surgery; Provides aesthetic shape of the ear shells and achievement. As a rule, local anesthesia is performed. Within 2-3 days, the patient is ready to return the normal course of life. It is necessary to wear elastic strains 1-1.5 months.