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Transplantation of your hair means transplanting the hair follicles in the donor area (areas of the cape and temples, where they are excessively present) and intracranial and outdated areas. Folks located in the donor zone do not have orrogenic sensitivity receptors, so they are resistant to the factor of clotting and retain normal anatomical-physiological properties to the end of human life. The scientifically substantiated phenomenon is that in the case of Androgenic alopecia, the stock of hair in the area of ​​the capsule and tempera is excessive. Follicular glands from donor zone continue functioning in the usual manner and provide normal, healthy hair growth. This phenomenon is the basis for the hair transplantation method.

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Nino Chakaberia

dermatocosmetologist, Trichologist

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zura nijaradze თმის გადანერგვის შემდეგ

Thank you very much. I found the team with the greatest professionalism that will compete with any company of the world in relevant field.

Zura Nijaradze
kakha mikiashvili tmis gadanergvis shemdgom

In 2013, I had a hair transplantation in clinic Hairline.

Kakha Mikiashvili

I would like to thank the employees of "Hairline" who care about my comfort today. I do not regret that for a moment, I decided to do the operation with you.

Zura Kavtaradze



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