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Eyebrow correction

Eyebrow transplantation is one of the most complex procedures in hair transplantation. However, when performed by a professional the results are astonishing. It may go without notice that eyebrow hair is thin and the shape is deformed, however inmcase of absence of eyebrow hair it won’t go unnoticed, which will result in low self-mconfidence.

Eyebrow reconstruction (correction), is possible by means of strip or FUE (non-strip) methods. The important is to have an esthetical vision, which implies the correct direction and density of the transplanted hair, so that the look is as natural as possible.

The technological advancements of hair transplantation in the last years, enables us to achieve the best results in eyebrow reconstruction, as in men (correction of trauma, burns), as well as in women (eyebrow thickness, shape correction).